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Rhine Ruhr Pty. Ltd.

International Cooperation

Although well known in the field ofmass transfer and process package technologies in China, Xiesheng is now expanding its business into gas/liquid and liquid/liquid separation field with its Australian partner, Rhine Ruhr, as technology provider. Of whom is a noblebrand in separation technology worldwide, offering a full range of innovative products and related service.

Rhine Ruhr’s commitment to development of technology, combined with application know-how and exacting fabrication standards, ensures that a well engineered solution is available for most separation problems. A specialist technical team uses the experience gained from thousands of successful installations in a broad spectrum of applications to ensure that the best possible product is recommended for each individual duty.

Rhine Ruhr’s continuous investment into research and development using innovative modeling techniques and in-house testing facilities enables us to stay ahead of our competition. Rhine Ruhr  advanced technology enables us to keep vessel sizes to a minimum which provides significant cost savings for our clients. Hence these are the reasons why RhineRuhr is a trusted supplier to all the major oil and gas companies around the world.

Our strategic alliance agreement with Rhine Ruhr provides access to state of the art separation technology. Our modern domestic manufacturing facilities enable us to provide quick responses,and meet our customer’s short lead time requests.