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We are dedicated to become a solution provider with heavy investment into the research and development of advanced separation technology in refinery and petrochemical industries. We have successfully developed a series of proprietary column internals design (e.g. high efficiency trays, packings, distributors and other internals, etc.), and each has related patent issued. With years of accumulated experiences and technical expertise, we have proven our capabilities in integrating technology and engineering experiences to solve fractionation problems by using trays or packing in a wide range of applications.

So far, our professionals and the subsidiary factories with advanced manufacturing equipment have participated in thousands of column internal design and upgrade projects, like crude atmospheric distillation, vacuum distillation, catalytic cracking, gas fractionation, lube oil hydrotreat, diesel hydrotreat, hydrocrack, desulfurization, coking, methanol distillation, rectisol, urea, ethylene, alkylbenzene, aromatics, butadiene, acetic acid, and etc.

Although well known in the fields of mass transfer and process package technologies in China, Xiesheng Chemtech are now expanding its business into gas/liquid and liquid/liquid separation field with its Australian partner, Rhine Ruhr, as technology provider. Rhine Ruhr is a noble brand in separation technology worldwide, offering a full range of innovative products and related services.